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Aerosol Chamber - Able Spacer

Aerosol Chamber - Able Spacer

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For use with Metered Dose Inhalers. Enables the dose from an inhaler to be more effectively taken in correctly. Ideal for children & elderly. Able Spacer is designed to assist with metered dose inhaler (MDI) aerosol medication delivery. It helps deliver medication from your MDI to your lungs by improving coordination and medication deposition. Please read all instructions for your Able Spacer before your first use. Always remember your MDI canister contains the medicine your doctor has prescribed for you. When using Able Spacer, only use as many puffs as directed by your doctor. A spacer is a plastic cylinder that is used by fitting a MDI metered dose inhaler at one end and breathing in through a mouthpiece at the other. When the user releases the dose of medicine from the inhaler (puffer), it is held in the chamber for a short time, ready for the person to breathe in either in one go or by breathing in and out on the mouthpiece several times so they get the full dose. Spacers are particularly useful for helping parents give asthma medicines to young children, and for people who find it difficult to coordinate their breathing with pressing the inhaler canister.