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PAX Vacuum Mattress

PAX Vacuum Mattress

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Full body vacuum

PAX Reilly - vacuum-mattress

Art.-No.: 163715210S

The shape of the Pax-Mummy vacuum mattress is aligned to the human body shape resulting in an oversized

‘’V’. The ‘’V’’ – oversize allows an improved securing of the patient. The vacuum mattress can be modulated

around the patient’s body, covering the complete torso.


Dimensions 202 x 97 x 8 cm

Weight 4.70 kg (without handles and belts)

Load capacity 150 kg

Operating temperature -20°C to +45°C


Outside Material Black thick and strong

Fabric Nylon

Coating: thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

resistant against impacts, abrasion, scratches, oil and lubricants.

Inside material Grey thin and flexible - fits tightly around the patients body

Fabric Polyether

Valve flange

Material PVC / PUR

Vacuum Valve

Material ABS+Rubber


// Yellow stripes on both sides for a better visibility

// Easy to clean and disinfect

// Smooth edges prevent trauma

// Two way safety valve for the release and the filling of the mattress with air to prevent the

unintentional exhaustion or inlet of air. Position of valve – accessible for the rescuer and away

from patient

// 5 attachable fixation belts with thoughtful colour-code

// 5 handles (removable)

// MRI and CT compatible

// 5 years warranty

// Includes pump and bag.