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Lifepak CR2 - WiFi Only

Lifepak CR2 - WiFi Only

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Part of the Stryker family, the Lifepak CR2 (WiFi Only) is the next generation AED. Connected to the internet via wifi, the CR2 self-monitors, giving the reassurance of knowing it is always ready. cprINSIGHT™ analyses during CPR compressions, greatly reducing ‘hands-off’ time, increasing the chances of survival.
Innovative design means the fastest time to first shock, even by minimally trained responders. The CR2 was rated easiest to use, easiest to hear and highest in overall user confidence by AED users.

– Self-Monitoring via wifi
– 8 Year Warranty
– cprINSIGHT ™ analyses during CPR ™ analyses during CPR ™
– Fastest time to the first shock
– ClearVoice ™ Technology
– Pads compatible with ambulance service defibrillators (also Lifepak)