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I.V. Giving Set

I.V. Giving Set

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• Extra long line 240cms length • DEHP and latex-free • Ideal for ITU / Maternity gravity line applications • Easy access universal spike: - 20d/ml H2O Incorporating 15 micron filter in drip chamber base. • Vented / Non Vented drip chamber with microbial filter in vent • New fill level guidance marks on the drip chamber • New Clearer tubing to allow easier tracking of the fluid when priming the tubing • New “ Safe-store” roller-clamp When the spike is to be disposed of it can now be made “safe” by inserting the used spike in to the “Safe-store” receptacle on the new roller-clamp. • New packaging with clearer instructions • Safer – no needles to dispose of reducing the risk of needlestick injuries and disposal costs • 240cms standard 3mm i.d. tubing with standard luer lock • De-luxe roller clamp – allows excellent flow rate control • Convenient easy access Y-site Fitted with a prime stop cap to stop fluid egress - improving safety by reducing the risk of fluid leakage and spillage, during and after priming of the line.