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Actfast Anti Choking Trainer Vest- KIDS

Actfast Anti Choking Trainer Vest- KIDS

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The New Actfast Anti Choking Training Vest for School Age Children.

"Teach them to Help Each Other"

Designed for use on, and by Children aged 5 - 12 years of age.

Supplied with a back pad that can be attached to the trainer for teaching back slaps if desired.

This trainer is supplied with a comprehensive instructional guide for teachers showing in detail how they should deliver this lifesaving training to their students.

“Choking Prevention and First Aid for School Age Children” by international authority, Ted T. Crites, CHES

First Aid, CPR and AED instructors can also use this trainer when delivering Paediatric FBAO training in class as well as Scout Leaders,Sports Clubs, Kids Clubs, Summer Camps, Babysitters and other groups who work with Children.

Community CFR groups and Voluntary Ambulance Services can also increase their profile in the community and raise funds by using the Actfast Anti Choking Trainer Vest for School Age Children in demonstrations in local schools, shopping malls, local sports clubs etc

Help them to Help Each Other with the "Actfast Anti Choking Trainer Vest for School Age Children"